Putting you ahead of the pack 

There’s only one acceptable outcome in this business: winning. We specialize in getting winners over the finish line.

Making it all make sense 

Whether you’re in a political campaign or fighting in the corporate space, we’ll help you understand your options for success.

Empowering dreams 

You know where you want to go. But getting there is never easy or straight forward. We can help guide through the maze.


Measuring & Shaping Public Opinion

XPress Services, Inc. (XPS) was created in 2004 to serve the business community in the political arena. Within the first two years of operation, XPS grew into two distinct areas of focus: (1) political campaign communications fulfillment, and (2) working with the employer community to affect change in regulations through public campaigns.


In 2006, XPS formed We Ask America Polls™a  division which has grown to poll nationwide while winning acclaim for its accuracy.

Today, XPS provides the political and corporate worlds a synergistic approach to communications designed to win. We understand what MOVES the modern audience, and have perfected an approach that works with voters AND consumers alike. Let’s face it: we live in a polarized, political world…even in business. 


XPS is ready to help you win in this highly charged arena.

XPS: What we can do for you… 

Campaign Management

The devil is in the details, and XPS/Fulcrum’s team of campaign managers are detail-oriented with one goal: winning.

Corporate Communications

In this polarized world, your business’ approach to global communications are a vital component of your success.

Digital Advertising

XPS has been a leader in digital advertising design and placement since 2008 for corporate, nonprofit and political

clients. (see below)

Direct Mail

Complete mail services from design to delivery. We turn high-quality direct mail around quickly, accurately and efficiently. 

Public Affairs

We help build and develop relations between an organization and politicians, governments and other decision-makers.

Strategic Planning

We help you develop a systematic process of envisioning your desired future, and translate this vision into goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. 

Our speciality: 



XPS began designing and placing digital ads in 2008. Since then, the firm has developed and executed digital campaigns with more than 300 political, corporate and trade organization clients in ten states. In fact, we’ve placed nearly one billion digital ads on more than 15,000 websites and inside more than 1,000 different mobile apps. Political candidates in particular are finding that digital ads are the most effective and cost-efficient method of reaching voters.  [watch video, below]


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